New Year’s Eve countdown: Which country celebrates New Year last?

Many countries are already celebrating the start of a new year. But while many of us have to wait a while until 2020 arrives, takes a look at the order New Year is celebrated around the world.

Which country celebrated New Year first?

Samoa was the first country to ring in the New Year.

The islands situated in the South Pacific celebrated the dawn of a new decade, 14 hours ahead of the UK.

At 10.15am GMT, Chatham Islands, New Zealand, followed shortly afterwards.

With some exceptions, New Zealand celebrated the new year at 11am GMT.

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In general, the USA celebrates the New Year later than other regions.

The USA is divided into many different time zones.

As a result, between 5am and 12am GMT on Wednesday, January 1, we will see different US territories entering the New Year.

Other areas which celebrate the new year much later than others include American Samoa at 11am GMT on Wednesday, and Marquesas Islands/French Polynesia at 9.30am GMT, Wednesday.