John Lennon ‘PUNCHED me, so I hit him back’ – Terri Hooley on fight with The Beatles star

During the troubles in Northern Ireland of the 1970s, Belfast’s Godfather of Punk Terri Hooley opened his Good Vibrations record store and label. There he claims he managed to bring people together with music, as both republicans and loyalists would frequent his shop for punk parties. Over the years, Hooley says he’s been attacked by both sides of the argument and once had a fight with The Beatles’ John Lennon.

Aside from his incredible musical talent, Lennon was a passionate political activist.

During the 1970s he and Yoko Ono wrote two songs protesting Britain’s presence and actions in Northern Ireland with The Luck of the Irish and Sunday Bloody Sunday on their Some Time in New York City album.

It’s not clear what his disagreement over Northern Ireland with Hooley was, but the pair ended up in a scrape one year.

Speaking with The Belfast Telegraph, Hooley said: “He hit me and then I hit him back.”

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While the 71-year-old added how Bob Dylan once told him to “F away off and never speak to me again” after protesting at one of his concerts for not withholding his taxes over the Vietnam War.

Hooley added: “I’ve been attacked by both sides.

“It used to happen to me all the time, getting beat up for bringing young people together with the [record] label.

“And then when the [Good Vibrations] film came out and the play, a lot of people who’ve attacked me in the past have apologised.”

In response, Ringo sighed and said: “Right. Meeting adjourned, let’s go have some lunch.” 

So The Beatles drummer took Lennon to lunch, only for a gushing fan to rush up to their table to meet him.

Still high as a kite, he corrected the fan, saying: “Actually, I’m Jesus Christ.”

To which the confused fan replied: “I still liked your last record.”

Earlier this year, Lennon’s sister revealed that the last time she spoke to him, The Beatles star was planning a family reunion.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo’s Beatles City podcast, Julia Baird revealed how she didn’t have much contact with John after The Beatles became so famous.

The 72-year-old said: “We didn’t realise as a family that John was as spaced out as he was.”

But then in 1974, when she was living in Wirral, her aunt gave her a call from Edinburgh.