PS5 release date update: Great news for Sony fans, huge blow for Xbox Series X

While Microsoft has bought a number of studios ahead of the Xbox X launch, having up to 16 exclusives on day one would be an unprecedented number.

It would also completely go against what Sony have done with other console launches where there has always been an exclusive to pick up at launch.

Not only that, but for a company so astute as Sony it would be a baffling move – gifting Microsoft with an open goal at the start of the next-gen.

And it looks like this rumour can now be filled in the rubbish bin after comments from Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier emerged.

As reported in a post by TheGamer, Schreier told the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast that the PS5 games available at launch won’t be cross-gen ports.

Schreier has long forged a reputation as a reliable source of video game news.