Joe Sugg: 'That's really unfair!' Dianne Buswell brands boyfriend a liar during debate

Professional dancer Dianne Buswell, 30, joined her boyfriend Joe Sugg, 28, on the Strictly Come Dancing podcast he presents alongside his co-star Kim Winston recently. His fellow podcast host Kim asked him if he knew was Dianne’s favourite spread on toast was, which caused a humorous debate.

Joe replied, laughing: “It’s peanut butter and honey but she calls it… what do you call it?”

“Peanut paste,” the red-haired beauty replied.

Joe added: “I think it’s the weirdest term for peanut butter,” prompting his co-star Kim to admit she had also never heard of the term before.

“Have we got any peanut paste in the house?” Dianne jokingly added in her Australian accent, before Joe did an impression of her.

Kim then asked Joe what order his girlfriend spreads her toppings.

The YouTube star replied, confidently: “Peanut butter first and then the honey.”

“I’m afraid not Joe,” Kim replied, which seemed to be a shock to him.

“No Joseph,” Dianne chimed, before Joe defiantly responded: “For me, she puts the peanut butter on first and then the honey, that’s the way you’ve always done it.”

The dancer replied: “Such a liar Joe!”

“You’ve done that on purpose,” he chimed in, laughing.

“Just trying to get the extra mark, you’re lying, that’s really unfair!” Dianne flippantly added.

Moving on from the question, Kim then asked Joe what Dianne’s first ever job was.

As he appeared hesitant, she gave him a clue and said she was “about six” when she started working the job in question.

“She delivered papers,” the social media star then replied confidently.

But, Dianne clarified: “I did that too, but not my first job.”(sic)

Joe and Dianne first met when they danced together on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

The pair made it to the final of the show, but missed out on the Glitterball trophy to Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton.

Days after the final, Joe revealed the pair are in a relationship following weeks of speculation.

Back in August, the duo took their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

The couple are currently spending the festive period in Australia with Dianne’s family.