Weight loss: Woman shed an impressive four stone with this diet trick – meal plan revealed

Losing weight is no easy task and is something many people hope to achieve. Britons can look to those who have slimmed down to get inspiration on the best ways to get into shape. Posting on Reddit, one woman revealed how she slimmed down by four stone.

“CICO. Starting to lift and focus on strength now. Finally at a healthy weight for the first time in my entire adult life.”

In order to achieve the transformation, she followed the CICO diet plan, or Calories In Calories Out.

On this diet plan, those hoping to shape up track how many calories are in the foods that they eat.

They will make sure to eat fewer calories than they are burning off in order to burn fat, according to healthline.com.


The website said: “This concept is based on the idea that as long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’re bound to lose weight.

“However, some people insist that the type of food you eat matters much more than the number of calories it contains — both in terms of weight loss and long-term health.

“To lose weight, your ‘calories in’ need to remain fewer than your ‘calories out.’

“Some factors can make calories seem irrelevant for weight loss, but research controlling for these factors shows that weight loss always requires a calorie deficit.”

By combining the calorie controlled plan with healthy foods, slimmers could lose weight quickly.

As well as following a diet plan, “largra123” introduced exercise into her lifestyle.

The slimmer told Reddit users she started lifting weights as a way to stay in shape.

By changing her lifestyle, the dieter managed to beat the bulge and drop three dress sizes.

She added: “I’ve gone from a UK size 18 to a 12 in a matter of months, really pleased.

“Especially as I’ve been slowly gaining weight throughout the years after giving birth.”

Other Reddit users praised her for the transformation by leaving comments under the post.

One said: “You look amazing! Seeing this post and others like it has really motivated me to get back into shape again!”

“Good for you. You should be happy for yourself,” another added.

source: express.co.uk