Piers Morgan: GMB host brutally ‘corrects’ Jeremy Corbyn after Labour leader claims 'win'

Corbyn has since responded to the electoral disaster in his latest column for The Guardian where he admitted the party “suffered a heavy defeat” but added the election was “mainly about Brexit”.

The politician wrote: “On Thursday, on a desperately disappointing night, we fell back eight points.

“I have called for a period of reflection in the party, and there is no shortage of things to consider. I don’t believe these two contrasting election results can be understood in isolation.

He added: “The last few years have seen a series of political upheavals: the Scottish independence campaign, Labour’s transformation, Brexit, the Labour electoral surge, and now Johnson’s ‘Get Brexit Done’ victory. None of that is a coincidence.”

Jeremy continued: “The gap between the richest and the rest has widened – I saw that most clearly in the former industrial areas of England and Wales where the wilful destruction of jobs and communities over 40 years has taken a heavy toll. It is no wonder that these areas provided the strongest backlash in the 2016 referendum and, regrettably for Labour, in the general election on Thursday.”

source: express.co.uk