Chris Evans: 'She might stick around' Virgin Radio host wife urges him to get colonoscopy

Chris Evans, 53, likes to share details about his family life with his Virgin Radio listeners, and Friday’s show was no different. This time he revealed that he will be getting a colonoscopy, following his wife Natasha’s recommendations.

During a conversation about cancer, Chris and his team discussed reports of how many people suffer with the hidden disease without knowing.

Following this, the host urged his listeners to “get themselves checked” for Christmas.

“Here’s an idea,” he began.

“For Christmas, go and get yourself checked.”

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He advised: “Go and get yourself either the all-clear or if there’s something you need to know about, the more chance you’ve got of successfully doing something about it and sorting it out.”

“Go and do that before Christmas, I’m going to do it.”

The former BBC Radio Two presenter opened up about how Natasha encouraged him to book an appointment to make sure “everything is in order” after he asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

“Tash said – when I asked what she wanted for Christmas – she said, ‘I’d like you to go and get a colonoscopy.”

Chris has taken on marathon running and he admitted he needed to have his legs in tip top condition before the next race in March 2020, when he and his team travel to Tokyo.

He had both legs done in one sitting which he admitted was “quite traumatic”.

The radio DJ teased that his wife caring about his health means that she does like him after all, as his co-star Rachel Horne, giggled at the joke.

“This seems to suggest she might like me!” He laughed.

“She either wants to know when I’m going to go out so she can get her affairs in order and move Lenny in,” he kidded, as Rachael agreed: “Be organised, yeah.”