NeNe Leakes Is Making Silent Boss Moves And Her Fans Offer Their Whole Support And Admiration

NeNe Leakes shared a few new pics, and she’s telling fans that she has been making some important boss moves even if she did not yell the details in public for everyone to know. People appreciated her efforts and struggle, and her diehard fans made sure to praise her in the comments.

‘Swipe: Imma just keep moving in silence #setlife booked and busy! I’ll holla at u later okurrrrr,’ NeNe captioned her post.

Someone told NeNe: ‘Sooooo proud of you sis. Keep it moving and keep winning,’ while another follower posted: ‘Beautiful Nene Leakes Peace and Blessings to You.’

A fan told NeNe that she’s making some ‘💖real boss moves 💖💖 cannot wait for us to meet one day.’

Someone else said: ‘Leakes that’s a whole lot of cameras and people…what you up to 👀’

A follower posted: ‘That’s what I’m talking about! Go head girly 😍💚 @neneleakes,’ and a fan said: ‘Bossed up, booked, and highly unfazed, suits you well Nene.’

Someone assumed that this event lept her from being on RHOA Sunday: ‘I hope this is why you didn’t grace our screens with your presence on Sunday. Which episode will you be?’ A follower said in response that NeNe would be making an appearance in the 3rd episode.

A fan said: ‘I can’t wait to meet you this weekend at the Ladies of Success event! Keep moving in silence! It’s the best way to move! The Circle”‘

NeNe has been counting the days until her Ladies Of Success event, and her fans cannot wait to attend it.


Just the other day, NeNe had a positive message for her fans these days after the 12th season of RHOA kicked off the past Sunday.

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