RHOD Leanne Locken Calls Co-Star Kary Brittingham A ‘Chirpy Mexican’ — Fans Slam Her For Being Racist And D’andra Simmons Comments

Leanne Locken has been declared the ‘Nene Leakes’ of Real Housewives of Dallas for her strong personality and catchy one-liners. The Bravolebrity has come under fire for some insensitive comments she made about a co-star.

Kary Brittingham is a new addition to the group. She seems to be getting along with all of the ladies — except Leanne.

From calling her negative on the cast trip to Mexico to confronting her about her feud with D’andra Simmons, Kary has shown that she’s not scared of the leading Dallas lady.

In a preview for the second half of the season, Leanne finally has enough of Brittingham and lets everyone know.

While speaking to Kameron Westcott, Locken calls Kary a ‘chirpy Mexican.’

Later in the clip, the newlywed brings up her castmates’ ethnicity again when she screams: ‘Come on, Mexican! I thought you were all Mexican and strong!’

Of course, fans took to social media to call Leanne out for being racist. Locken directly told a social media commentator that she wasn’t racist.

D’andra Simmons was also asked if Leanne was racist.

She told People TV: ‘What I think about that is, I don’t know what’s in her heart.’

The daughter of Dee Simmons went on to say that she has experience with saying things that have consequences to them (like when she accused Leanne’s now-husband of cheating).

D’andra added: ‘I don’t know why she chose to say those words. And not only once but several times. So I’m concerned about that, but at the end of the day, I don’t know LeeAnne‘s heart as far as what she meant by that or…I’m sure she looks back and says, ‘God I wish I hadn’t done that’ as I did last year; I wish I hadn’t’ve said those things and started something. So she’s gonna have to deal with it, but I think really, the viewers have to decide what they think about it. It’s not for me to decide or to say.’


Do you think Locken is racist?

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