Tamar Braxton Worries Some Fans With Her Latest Love-Related Post: ‘Girl, What Happened?’

Tamar Braxton made some of her fans freak out when she shared a post on her social media account. Some of her diehard fans were worried that things went wrong with her BF, David Adefeso.

One follower said: ‘Oh nah u fed up when u quoting this fire ass song . 😩’ and another commenter posted this: ‘Nahhhhh just gotta find the match of your on convictions.’

But some fans knew that these are the lyrics from a song and continued: ‘So you’re welcome to walk!!!! If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me…go ahead and free yourself!!!’

One follower said: ‘So ya welcome to walk. If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me!!!’ and another person got all worried in the comments: ‘Oh hell. Wtf happened.’

A fan said this: ‘She sang the mess out this song! Even if you weren’t experiencing it she made you feel it!’

Anyway, back to Tamar’s relationship – things are still going great as far as Tamar and David allow people to see.

They have been posting each other a lot on social media and Tamar really seems much happier than ever since she’s together with David.

Not too long ago, David also gushed over her. Not too long ago, Tamar had two shows on Kandi Burruss’ The Dungeon tour, and she did not go alone.


As expected, her man was right there with her as well, and he made sure to praise her on social media.

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source: celebrityinsider.org