Galloway destroys ‘united Europe’ argument – ‘Democracy is impractical in diverse Europe’

George Galloway snapped at a caller who questioned why he was against a united Europe. Mr Galloway insisted individuals from member states have little say over who presides over certain positions. He added complete integration between all nation-states could prove difficult because of language barriers and cultural differences.

He said the size of Europe also makes it very difficult for a harmonious united Europe to prosper.

When asked by a caller why he was against a “united Europe” Mr Galloway broke into a impassioned rant.

He said: “First of all the main reason is democracy.

“In Britain, we democratically elect those that rule us and we can vote them out.

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“In the European Union, we are ruled by people whose name we don’t even know.

“We have no vote to appoint them and cannot vote them out.

“We don’t appoint the person who runs the European Central Bank, we don’t elect them.

“We don’t elect the so-called President of the European Union Commission.

“They have their own government that they elected and only they can remove.

“So if we had a Europe where everyone in the European Union elected everyone who had power in it, that would be one thing.

“But it is hopefully impractical because the European Union is simply too big and too diverse to be subject to that kind of democratic control.

“I believe that the nation-state in Britain is the optimal size regarding population, density and size of the territory and so on to have a democratic country.”