Steph McGovern, 37, who is expecting her first child next month, admitted she was almost knocked down by a Deliveroo cyclist. The BBC Breakfast correspondent spilled the details during a recent episode of the consumer complaint’s programme, Watchdog. Steph told viewers: “Deliveroo and Uber Eats, I’m sure you’ve all seen the food delivery cyclists whizzing about. Some of them a bit too dangerously. “I was actually nearly knocked off my feet coming out of a shop last week.”

She later asked viewers to contact the show to share their stories with the food delivery services.

It comes after viewers contacted the show about their experiences with speeding food delivery cyclists.

The Watchdog bosses sent an undercover reporter to investigate the vetting process at Deliveroo where they hire cyclists.

The journalist claimed he was not informed of the safety requirements about using his bike for food deliveries.

Steph later read out a statement from Deliveroo, and told viewers: “Deliveroo has told us that all of it’s riders are required to meet minimum safety standards.

“It [the company] has a zero tolerance policy for those who put themselves or anyone else at risk.”

She continued: “It totally rejects the idea that it’s riders work under pressure saying that it’s actually changed it’s fees so that longer journeys are paid the best.”

Her co-star Nikki Fox added: “Deliveroo also said that every rider completes a programme of road safety guidance before they get the opportunity to ride.

“They also claim they offer all riders free government recognised cycling courses. Like the ones you did at school.”

Elsewhere, Steph recently gave a maternity leave update as she took to Twitter to praise a Transport For London (TfL) worker.

The broadcaster took to the micro-blogging site where she told her 378,000 followers she had visited students at Hatch End High School to discuss careers and life skills this week.

She later followed up the tweet to thank a TfL worker for spotting the pregnant journalist on a tube without a “Baby on Board” badge.

Steph tweeted: “And thanks to @TfL worker Stan at Harrow and Wealdstone station for spotting me and the bump without a badge on! All sorted now. Cheers Stan. #babyonboard.”

Fans were quick to comment on the post, as one person said: “@TfL #babyonboard is a great scheme. I had so many people offering seats and being kind to me when I was wearing it on my last visit to London at 33 weeks pregnant.”

Another person tweeted: “I still have mine, keeping it for a memory box (when I get time to make one!)”

While a third person added: “Fantastic initiative. Would be great if other train companies would offer the same.”



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