At least two people were shot to death after gunfire erupted “at several locations” in eastern Germany on Wednesday, authorities said.

A police spokesperson in the city of Halle told NBC News that shots were fired “at several locations” in that community, about 100 miles south of Berlin.

“Kebab restaurants and a synagogue are located in the area where the shots were fired,” a police spokesperson said.

Police secure the area after a shooting in the Germany city of Halle on Oct. 9, 2019.Marvin Gaul / Reuters

One person was arrested outside the nearby city of Leipzig and is now being questioned, a police spokesman told the German news channel NTV.

A Halle police spokesman told NBC News that officers “are presently searching for further suspects” in connection to the shooting.

Police are also investigating gunfire that erupted on Wednesday about 10 miles east, in the city of Landsberg, officials said.

“Our forces have arrested one person. Still stay alert,” Halle police tweeted. “We have strong forces in and around #Halle and stabilize the situation until all information is secured.”

The victims were not immediately identified.

“Police operation underway in Halle. Several people were killed,” Halle police had tweeted earlier. “Attacker is on the run. Please remain in your homes or find a safe shelter.”

This is a breaking story, please check back here for updates.

Nick Bailey contributed.



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