Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host accuses cinemas of stealing ice cream flavours in rant

Speaking on his morning show, the presenter went into another his famous rants. On this occasion, he targeted cinemas for taking away flavours such as cherry Garcia. He said: “Chocolate cherry Garcia was actually my favourite ice cream but I struggled to get it.

“There was also a flavour called New York super-fudge chunk, which I first had in the cinema and could never get anywhere else.

“What’s going on with the cinemas? Now it’s disappeared forever.

“Do you think the cinemas demanded that these flavours are exclusive to them and the draw to get them to go to them?

“Could be couldn’t it?

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“Now this has disappeared altogether as excellent as it sounds we should just accept these are fleeting enjoyments on the journey of life.”

It comes after Chris revealed the shock tactic he employed to lose weight quickly.

The presenter is often open with his listeners and shares an array of stories and anecdotes surrounding his life.

And in the stunning confession, Chris admitted that he would sometimes fast for 16 hours in a bid to beat the podge.

The 53-year-old’s admission came around after a fellow Virgin Radio employee offered him a brownie.

He said: “I do this 12 hour fast, which I have never talked about on the radio.

“But I don’t eat for 12 hours a day as it improves everything. 16 hours is even better, but 12 hours is easy especially if you do a breakfast show.

“If you get up at silly o’clock, not eating for a 12 hour period is very easy. It is about now 7:40am I could have it now.

“I mean I can’t really.”

Chris is a renowned lover of running.

This year he is taking part in the Amsterdam Marathon.

Funds generated from his run will be donated to charity Dementia Revolution.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.