Chris Ramsey and Karen Clifton took to the dance floor to perform the Cha Cha Cha in their first performance together on Strictly Come Dancing. In spite of a few mistakes, head judge Shirley Ballas couldn’t help but notice some “chemistry” between the couple. She told the pair: “Definitely, for sure, this partnership has chemistry. And any time you did some boogying, you got into the funk of it.”(sic)

Shirley’s comments about Chris and Karen come after the comedian’s wife Rosie Ramsey spoke out about the Strictly “curse”. 

Chris has been married to Rosie since 2014 and in spite of their happy union, the latter has admitted she has already been questioned about her feelings towards so-called curse amid his partnership with Karen, who last year finalised her divorce from ex-husband and fellow professional dancer Kevin Clifton.

Opening up about the so-called “curse”, which has seen numerous relationships end after the series, Rosie wrote on “‘Rosie’, I hear you all cry. ‘What about *gasp* the curse?’ I can see the horror, shock, screaming and fainting now. 

“Now, strap in. This may come as a genuine shock to you but it was actually me who forced my husband to say yes to the show.”

She added: “Ok, I get it. I’ve watched the show. I’m aware that over the course of the last 16 series there have been a few instances of dalliances between the cast here and there.”

However, Chris’ other half insists she “trusts” him and explained she “cannot control him”.

She added to the publication: “Now, I trust my husband and understand that he interacts with members of the opposite sex daily, as I do. 

“I cannot control him. I can only, like everyone else in a relationship, hope that our marriage never goes down that path, be it by him or myself.”

Moving on from the subject of the “curse”, Rosie addressed her husband’s dance skills and admitted “he’s not been blessed with natural rhythm”.

She revealed: “I mean God love him, he tries, but he’s definitely not been blessed with natural rhythm, if you know what I mean.”

Elsewhere, Karen Clifton broke her silence about her ex-husband Kevin’s romance with Stacey Dooley, who he won Strictly with last year.

Speaking on FUBAR Radio, Karen said her former flame looks “happy” as she admitted he doesn’t tell her anything about his relationship.

The Venezuelan dancer, who is currently dating David Webb, explained: “I don’t really know anything about that,

“When we go in [to rehearsals] we’re literally going crazy with all the routines.”

She added: “But you know what he looks extremely happy, so I’m happy that he’s happy.”

Karen also said there is “no drama” between her and Kevin and it isn’t awkward when they dance together. 

She insisted: “Most people think that we’d be like ‘oh I don’t like it’, but no. Not at all. We laugh. There is no drama. I don’t like drama baby llama! I’m happy, he’s happy, let’s all be happy!”



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