Rachel Riley: 'Sorry' Countdown star in awkward Strictly chat as she discusses online hate

On Victoria Derbyshire today, Rachel Riley revealed she has had to block more than 1,500 people on social media due to hate she has received online.

The Countdown maths whizz spoke about a new campaign which has been published today to encourage people not to feed the trolls and instead, block and report those who are guilty.

Rachel has faced plenty of backlash online and was even the subject of a boycott campaign earlier this year, which spiralled out of control on Twitter.

Victoria asked the pregnant star: “You first came across a campaign, a boycott Rachel Riley campaign when you found out you were pregnant, what affect did that have on you?”

“It really focused me to realise that blocking people isn’t weak, it’s strong,” she replied.

Revealing how online trolls have impacted her pregnancy, Rachel went on: “Since being pregnant, anyone who has been there will know, you have a bit of sugar and your baby starts wriggling straight away, you’re in a great mood all day, your baby is kicking you and having a great time.

“I had a stressful weekend on social media, and my baby went quiet for a couple of days.”

Rachel said: “I realised however mentally strong I am, there’s adrenalin, there’s hormones that go through your body and now I’m sharing them, I absolutely don’t need to give that to my baby by any chance.”

Rachel explained she’s now a lot happier since making a simple change on her Twitter account.

She spilled: “I’ve changed my settings and my mental health is a lot better, and my baby’s a lot happier.”

At the end of the chat, Rachel appeared a little off guard as Victoria probed her about Strictly.

“Am I allowed to ask a Strictly question finally or would you rather not?” She asked the mathematician.

“I probably won’t know the answer,” she said whilst laughing, before turning to her fellow panellist: “You can ask Imran.”

Victoria quizzed: “Who do you think will win this year?”

“I don’t know who’s in it,” Rachel squirmed. “I don’t watch it, I’m sorry.”

Victoria responded as Rachel pulled an awkward looking face: “Oh no, don’t apologise, that’s absolutely fine.”

Rachel appeared on the BBC One competition back in 2013 where she was partnered up with ex professional partner, Pasha Kovalev.

The following year, the two confirmed they were in a relationship and now they are married.

The couple are expecting their first child together. 

Countdown airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 2.10pm.

source: express.co.uk