Charlotte Smith, 55, has been a firm fixture on Countryfile since her show debut in 1998 and has been victim to her fair share of on-screen blunders. The BBC presenter spoke candidly about a moment she is unable to to forget where she had to be assisted by children. The small-screen star recalled a time when she was filming a segment on abasing but momentarily “got stuck”. Speaking exclusively to, Charlotte divulged: “I’ll never ever forget no matter how much I try.

“Getting stuck on the top of a cliff when I was supposed to be abseiling down. And some 10 year olds had to talk me down because I got scared.”

The BBC Radio 4 presenter did not stop there with her memorable moments on the country living show.

She continued: “Bog snorkelling – I’ve been on various horses but I’m not very good on a horse. So I remember those terrifying experiences quite frankly.”

Meanwhile, the mother-of-two opened up about her shocking health diagnosis but admitted she was “incredibly lucky”.

The small-screen star was informed by medical professionals her lung had collapsed nine years ago and again more recently.

She revealed how she was diagnosed with a rare lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) that can require people to undergo a lung transplant.

Speaking about the condition, Charlotte said: “I did some publicity photos which was taken a couple of years ago and when I got home from the photoshoot, I realised that my lungs had collapsed and I was in the hospital for two weeks.”

The BBC presenter has said her condition has not impacted her day-to-day life but she has had to lose some weight, which she added was “tedious”.

She said: “But I’m really good. I’m doing great. I’ve lost a bit of weight, which is tedious. I’m not on any medication but I’m fine.”

Elsewhere, Charlotte has spilled on a bizarre on-air moment which ultimately led to the segment being replayed on the popular programme It’ll Be Alright On The Night.

She recalled the filming mishap with a cow which had the crew in hysterics as they had to re-shoot the scene 97 times.

Charlotte said: “A former Countryfile presenter and I had a brilliant idea.

“We got the Countryfile logo made up and covered it in animal glue. The great idea was that we would stick the [logo] at the side of this cow.

“The plan was I would stand beside the cow as I talked to the camera.”

Charlotte continued: “I think we were on about take 97 by the time we eventually got it. The cow kept wandering off.

“The farmer and his mate were leaning on the gate and they couldn’t speak because they couldn’t stop laughing.”

She added: “It was on It’ll Be Alright On The Night for years. It was ridiculous. So that sticks in my mind.”

Countryfile airs Sundays at 7pm on BBC One.



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