Google Maps Street View: There’s something rather unusual about this beach – can you see?

Google Maps Street View has become well known for capturing intriguing scenes from across the globe. The snaps often leave viewers scratching their heads to work out what could be going on. Often the images are alarming or embarrassing, but sometimes they’re just plain puzzling. One such photo displays a scene on a beach in Miami, USA – but there’s a more unusual beachgoer present.

The image shows a group playing a game of badminton on the sand, with tower blocks and palm trees behind them.

The vast majority of the players are wearing swimwear, short shorts or skimpy fluorescent tops.

One member of the team appears to be rather differently clad to the rest of them, however.

Rather than opting to bare the flesh they are very much covered up.

The person is, in fact, wearing a full nun’s habit as they wield a badminton bat.

The nun doesn’t appear to be letter her garb hold her back as she appears to be springing on the sand at the back of the court.

What’s more, none of the other players seem fazed by the nun so it could be assumed she had been playing with them for a while.

Viewers of the snap are left to wonder what was the real story behind the interesting photo.

Was the nun originally with the group or did she join the team on the spur of the moment?

It’s possible of course it could simply be a fancy dress option – but the Google Maps viewer will never know for sure.

The Street View snap is far from the only one to leave people confused as to what’s going on. 

Another Google Maps image shows a man in a very strange position. The Street View photo shows him in the boot of an open-topped parked car on a driveway.

A man in a car boot is odd enough, but the strangeness of the scene does not stop there.

The man is also, it would seem, totally naked. Not a stitch of clothing can be seen.

A selection of bags lies to one side and a black dog is also seen lying on the driveway. The garage door is open.

However, not one of these provides a clue as to what the naked man is actually up to.