ITV GMB: Kate Garraway stuns viewers as she ‘throws up’ in bucket live on air

Good Morning Britain returned to ITV this morning with the final instalment of the week and it was the turn of Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway to present. 

Within the first hour of the show, those watching at home saw the hosts discuss Christmas, which is only 110 days away. 

Perhaps a little early, they were getting into the spirit as they sampled a Christmas turkey dinner ice-cream. 

Unfortunately for Kate, it seemed she couldn’t stomach the delicate blend of tastes and was seen spitting it out into a bucket. 

“Turkey gravy caramel ice cream base with a herby stuffing pine nut praline, rippled with tart cranberry sauce…” Ben explained but was cut off by the sound of Kate mumbling her dislike. 

“Oh no that’s horrible, that’s horrible,” Kate said. The camera then shot to her and briefly showed her putting down the ice-cream and reaching below the desk. 

Charlotte Hawkins came into view, and while she tried to compose her reaction, her face suggested otherwise as a look of disgust spread across it. 

“That is absolutely disgusting I’m sorry,” Kate remarked spitting into the bucket. 

“There’s brussel sprouts glitter!” Ben continued unperturbed by his co-star’s behaviour. 

“I was just about to try it!” Charlotte exclaimed but Kate continued to whine: “You shouldn’t have stuffing flavoured ice-cream!” 

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“I don’t like that, and I eat anything!” Kate added but Ben was adamant she didn’t give it her full effort: “You just had a little nibble! You got to give it a – think Greg Wallace on MasterChef – get a proper mouthful.” 

Entertainment and Showbiz Editor Richard Arnold who was sitting next to Kate came into view and interjected: “You’ve got to go all the way down and get the flavours, it works.” 

“Oh no, I’m instantly regretting it,” Kate said. “You’re getting the cranberry in there! No it’s not nice is it?” 

While the most of the panel agreed with Kate, Ben said: “You look at it and your expectations are it is really sweet of course, but it’s actually quite savoury. What about the brussel glitter.” 

“I have to say, they look great!” Richard commented, but Charlotte wasn’t convinced: “But listen, unless you’re a fan of blitzing up your Christmas dinner and serving it cold, that’s not going to work.” 

Those watching at home saw Ben continue eating it: “I have to say, I’m loving this. I’m absolutely loving it! If only I could do it through a straw!” 

Taking to Twitter, many commented on the hilarious moment, but some were annoyed by the discussion of Christmas so early on into the year. 

One said: “Oh come on. Really! Stick this Christmas rubbish back in a box till after Bonfire week.” 

“@GMB Kate throwing up in the bucket, Charlotte looking confused, Ben just being Ben, Richard going for more. This is the GMB Christmas works do isn’t it?” 

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings at 6am on ITV.