It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I take a look at the Roleplaying companion for Modiphius’ Post Apocalyptic miniature game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

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  1. After watching your let's play series on this I would really like to see more.

    I feel modiphius has not done as polished a job as you do with showing the game off.

    Natural talent I suppose.

  2. Glad that it's so close to the miniatures game. I was expecting it to be a 2D20 game like the other RPGs from Modiphius.
    You already have the Raiders? I didn't preorder them, so I'm waiting for them to be available in stores 🙂

  3. the atrocity of the starter set burned any chance of me getting into the game, but i do enjoy seeing some batreps, so i'm interested to see how the campaign looks. it's cool how this book seems to work well with the minis game; i was kind of assuming it wouldn't have any particular connection beyond theme.

  4. I keep trying to get more then just that basic set….. no luck so far. I do like the idea of loading a table full of scenery and loot and playing it out on tabletop…. Take me home, Country roads…..


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