Amazon Prime Video is down for some users tonight, according to the latest outage reports.

Subscribers in the United States and other parts of the world are commenting online that much of the core Prime Video services are unavailable.

It’s unclear what has caused tonight’s outage or how long it might affect servers around the world.

“About had a panic attack thinking my show wasn’t on prime video anymore. But turns out Prime Video is just not working right now,” one user reports.

Another writes: “Can’t even access my Amazon Prime info, much less view any programs. I’m about to cancel this service and also start shopping elsewhere.”

More information is expected to be shared by the internet giant over the coming hour if this outage continues.

The good news is that Amazon is usually quite quick to fix issues affecting their services for the majority of customers.

Meaning tonight’s outage may not last too much longer.

It should also be noted that other Amazon services are also affected, including the main shopping website.




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