With many LinkedIn users and account holders, getting a breakthrough in such a competitive platform can be a daunting task. This means you have to work extra hard and give your page more oomph to stay relevant. This means creating a more attractive webpage, quality content and offering what appeals to your target audience. 

It is important to note that by exploring different options including the use of text sharer can help you generate quality traffic. It is possible to get noticed on LinkedIn without spending a lot of money on Ads. 

How to get LinkedIn traffic

Quality Content 

When it comes to social media platforms, content is king. This is an old adage that you cannot afford to ignore. As a matter of fact, content is what makes up and defines your page. When you include quality content in your page, it means your page has authority. The rule of thumb here is to; 

  • Include unique and quality information.
  • Include informative blog posts on your LinkedIn page.
  • Let your white papers be unique and of the best quality. 

Create a responsive page 

LinkedIn may not be as busy as Facebook and Twitter. Even so, it is one of the platforms that attracts professionals, and you need to make it responsive in every way. Gone are the days when web users used desktops alone to access the internet. The world is embracing advanced technologies and with the smartphone era, your LinkedIn page should be easily accessible on phone and tablets. 

Therefore, it is imperative to make your page responsive and user-friendly. This will make it more visible across different search engines. If possible, test your page to determine if it can be accessed from a wide range of screens and devices. 

Work on your page load speed 

In the world where the internet offers solutions to almost every question, you should enhance your page load speed. This will help you to not only attract the desired traffic, but to also retain the right visitors. Ensure that your page responds in a period of 1 second because users will not feel like they are being manipulated. This is also the most recommended page load speed for social pages. 

The design is crucial 

The design of your page and website is very crucial. Your target audience should understand what your page is all about. In this regard, create a design that is attractive and appealing. Such a design will instantly attract clients. Most importantly, try to avoid elements that can annoy web visitors on your LinkedIn page. Some of the things to avoid include: 

  • Pop up ads. 
  • Irrelevant auto play videos.
  • Unnecessary copy and stock images or photos.

Post on your Page

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is often used by professionals to build profiles. For this reason, it is essential that you post content, say on weekly basis to improve your traffic. Articles on the page define your authority in your industry and they play a significant role in creating clicks to your page. 

In addition, it allows you to actively engage with other professionals and target audience. Articles on the page can also prompt companies and associates to seek your opinion on important issues. To publish effectively you should; 

  • Post fresh content during weekdays, avoid weekends.
  • Choose relevant and most popular channels by identifying a specific niche based on your area of specialization. 
  • Provide room for engagements with your target audience by asking questions, encourage them to write about their professional experiences. 
  • Write compelling and optimized posts and assess your best posts. Add a link where target audience can click through to learn more about you and the type of services you provide. 

Enhance your profile 

Your profile is one of the crucial parts of any social media page. When it comes to LinkedIn, you need to enhance every detail of your profile. Get the basics rights by providing; 

  • An honest and brief summary about yourself. 
  • Introduce your work. 
  • Provide a concise history of your professional background.
  • Include a clear headshot. 

These are very crucial elements of your page and you should not overlook them. Most importantly, provide honest, specific and easy to read information. 

These elements will help to drive traffic to your page because you can easily link them to your different digital media platforms, e-books, and blog posts. Your friends, associates and target audience will view the information, click through your page and generate more traffic.  

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