Cruise secrets: Always pack this one surprising item in your suitcase for a cruise holiday

Cruise ship holidays are fairly generous with luggage, which is great news when it comes to packing. Holidaymakers heading off on a cruise do need to put careful thought into the process, though. While it’s obviously important to pack appropriate footwear, underwear and so on, there are some key items that are easy to forget. One thing that can be invaluable during a cruise ship holiday may not always spring to mind.

A hugely useful – but rather surprising item – you should consider packing in your cruise luggage is duct tape.

The cruise experts at Cruise Critic have shared why this unlikely but versatile item should be a staple in your suitcase.

One use for duct tape is that it can double as a lint roller – perfect for when you want to smarten up any clothes.

It can be useful for making sure curtains are shut properly, too – key if you’re travelling somewhere such as Alaska or the Baltic when the sun never sets or if you hate being woken up by the sunrise.

Cruise Critic advises: “Carefully place a few pieces around the drapes where light might peek through and prepare to sleep in.”

Duct tape can also be very useful for fixing things such as broken luggage or flip flops.

If you’re trying to patch up bags and backpacks, Cruise Critic advises taping rips and tears from the inside.

On the subject of luggage, you can also use duct tape to make your bags stand out from others.

This is particularly useful when you’re trying to identify your baggage say at the carousel conveyor belt.

Consider using duct tape to mark shapes or letter on the bag to help you notice it, Cruise Critic suggests.

Another savvy way to put duct tape to good use is to help hold towels in place on sun loungers.

“When you’re heading to the pool deck for some vitamin D, toss some duct tape in your tote bag,” said Cruise Critic.

“Use a couple of small pieces to attach your towel to the deck chair, and you’ll never have to worry about your towel sliding down or falling off again.”

That said, it’s important to remember that usage of pool-side deck chairs does, in fact, come with some rather strict rules. 

You are not allowed to reserve deckchairs, with towels, bags or anything else for extended periods of time.

According to Royal Caribbean’s Guest Conduct Policy: “Pool, deck and theatre chairs may not be reserved.”

Failure “to act in accordance with [their] policy” can result in intervention by security or other management personnel or more serious action, depending on the misdemeanour.