Pointless: 'Oh wow' Richard Osman takes cheeky swipe at Spice Girls

Pointless Celebrities aired tonight and saw a slew of celebrities arrive on the show alongside members of their families.

Included in the collection of celebs was comedian Paul Chowdhry and his father Darshan Chowdhry.

Hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman began the show by looking for pointless answers pertaining to girl groups.

Darshan was up second, and answered Spice Girls to one of the questions – the song Wannabe.

Upon getting the question correct Richard dove in to take a cheeky swipe at the girl band.

He joked: “One of the most recognisable songs of all time.

“They’ve done scientific studies – the average person can recognise it in 2.5 seconds.”

A little perplexed with the fun fact, Alexander responded: “Oh, wow.”

But Richard wasn’t done, as he added: “Yeah, doesn’t mean they’ll like it, but they’ll know what it is.”

This quip left the audience in hysterics and Alexander swiftly moved on.

Unfortunately for Paul and Darshan, they did not make it to the final round, as they were shortly after knocked out of the game.

In a previous episode Alexander was cut off by one of his contestant’s answering method.

Slim Jim joined the show and during his playtime announced the name of a US president he assumed would score zero.

Alexander went on to announce: “Slim Jim, let me tell you 24 is your target and you have scored 22.”

Slim went on to say: “US Presidents… Presidential Surnames… Franklin Pierce.”

Slim Jim then spelled out the surname slowly, just to ensure everyone knew which president he was answering.

Alexander continued to see if he got the answer correct, continuing: “Franklin Pierce. Pierce, says Slim-,” but he was cut off.

Slim jumped in to announce the spelling of the name once again.

This prompted Alexander to look at the camera and joke: “Like that.”

Pointless airs weekdays on BBC One at 5.15pm.

source: express.co.uk