Weight loss diet: This plan can help you burn fat fast – what can you eat?

When trying to shape up, there are different things slimmers can do in order to hit their goals. Although it is tempting to cut many things from the diet, removing one food group in particular could give the best results. Eating less and moving more will also help dieters transform their body, Michael Olajide Jr told Express.co.uk. By following a specific diet plan, this can help speed up the process and burn more fat.

What can you eat?

What slimmers are eating can make a huge difference to how quickly they shape up.

Dieters can start to cut fat by removing one food from their diet, Michael told Express.co.uk.

He explained: “The best foods to eat are the ones our bodies know what to do with.

“Those that are natural and easily digestible. Foods we’ve been digesting for centuries – whole foods.”

By opting for simple and natural foods and cutting out processed products, slimmers can notice a change in their bodies.

He continued: “I believe manufactured and processed foods cause our bodies to hesitate, or have to work harder than they are supposed to in order to break food down and turn it into energy.”

If looking to follow a specific diet plan, eating less and moving more can be the key.

“I strongly believe if you are looking to simply lose weight, it is about calories in and calories out,” Michael added.

“The most important thing is the vital organs. Get the engine right and everything else will fall in place and you’ll be happier too.”

Balancing a healthy diet with an active lifestyle can help slimmers notice the biggest change.

Michael told Express.co.uk: “No matter what you eat, you must burn it off. That’s common sense. Every living organism works this way, including us.

“When we don’t pay attention to it we end up with severe imbalances in diet and exercise.”

Michael Olajide Jr is a resident trainer for Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s personalised digital health and fitness program is available from the App Store and online at centr.com.

If looking to target a specific part of the body, gradually cutting unhealthy foods from the diet can help achieve this, an expert revealed. 

One expert claimed opting for low-calorie and healthy snacks can help keep cravings in check. 

source: express.co.uk