ASAP Rocky: Swedish jail requests more time to investigate assault

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The prosecutor investigating the ASAP Rocky assault case in Sweden has asked for more time to look into it.

The American rapper has been held since he was arrested on 3 July and accused of assault.

Two other men, who were with ASAP at the time, were also detained on suspicion of assault. The request for extension of time also applies to them.

Now, one of the alleged victims is also being investigated for abuse, assault and attempted assault.

ASAP’s detention hearing is expected today.

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On 5 July, the rapper was held for an extra two weeks while the investigation carried on.

Now that two weeks is up prosecutors have applied for another extension until 25 July to formally charge him with a crime.

“We have worked intensively with the investigation and need more time, until Thursday next week in order to complete the preliminary investigation,” says prosecutor Daniel Suneson.

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Prosecutors say ASAP – real name Rakim Mayers – was involved in a fight in Stockholm on 30 June, where he’d been playing at a festival.

A video published online appeared to show him punching another man in the street.

But the rapper also put videos of his own up on social media. He says they’re from before the fight and they show the man following him.

ASAP’s bodyguard, who had also been arrested on suspicion of assault, was released earlier in July.

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Kronoberg remand prison, where ASAP Rocky is being held awaiting trial

The prison holding the rapper denied he was being held in poor conditions after it was claimed Kronoberg prison is like “walking into a toilet”.

That was what showbiz website TMZ reported was said by a US Embassy official.

A source reportedly told them he was being made to sleep on a yoga mat with no blanket, drink water that was not clean, and had only been given an apple to eat each day during his first five days at the prison.

But the prison’s governor Fredrik Wallin told Newsbeat in a statement that the prison is in “good condition”.

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