Brexit Party chairman savages EU MEPs who fail to show up to Parliament – 'Extraordinary'

Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver and chairman Richard Tice recorded a video in the European Parliament chamber complaining at European MEPs for not attending a session they were due to speak in, which led to the “extraordinary” decision to cut it short. Mr Heaver said: “I’m here with Brexit Party chairman, and it is a bit surreal here Richard.

“We had two of our MEPs hit back at the Lib Dem MEPs and had the Brexit Party standing up for the fishing industry.

“But other than the Brexit Party no one else seemed to turn up tonight, what do you make of it?”

The Brexit Party chairman added: “It is quite extraordinary.

“Almost all of us here from the Brexit Party, in this huge chamber of 750 seats.

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“We are supposed to be sitting for three hours and here we are after 53 minutes, they have finished.

“That is because all of those who said they wanted to speak didn’t even bother to show up.

“Why? Because they know that this chamber is a complete waste of time, no one is listening.

“All of the action takes place in the unelected, hidden Commission that operates behind closed doors.

“That is one of the reasons why we made the right decision to leave the European Union.

“The rest of us were working with our transnational political groups, Renew Europe (Liberals), Greens, S & D (Labour). It’s lonely when you’ve got no friends.”

Labour MEP Seb Dance also replied to the tweeted video and posted an image of MEPs in a packed separate room.

He said: “Nice of you to turn up! Those of us who don’t turn our backs on our neighbours are busy working with them in our respective groups.

“Here’s the S & D group right now, where we are discussing the candidacy of Ursula Von Der Leyen, how’s your evening going?”