Avengers Endgame box office: ‘It’s now INEVITABLE Avatar record will be beaten’ Here’s why

The Marvel expert has pointed out why Avengers Endgame’s victory is near.

While the digital home release is out as early as July 30 in the US, Conrad points out that Avengers Infinity War’s cinematic run went on until September 13.

So presumably Avengers Endgame has another two months to make that few million more.

He also mentions how the re-release hasn’t even opened in some international markets.

In fact, Conrad is as bold to say that Avengers Endgame could very well top Avatar before the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr has been calling on fans to see the Avengers Endgame re-release.

The slightly longer version of the film is not an extended cut, but the same film with bonus content after the end credits.

This included an introduction from directors Joe and Anthony Russo, a Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished Hulk deleted scene and the opening of Spider-Man Far From Home.

However, even if Avengers Endgame tops Avatar it’s possible that Cameron could reclaim his record.

In Christmas 2021, Avatar 2 is set for release and there’s every possibility that the original will be re-released in cinemas beforehand.

The acclaimed director is currently working on four back-to-back sequels of his epic.

The films will be released every two Christmases, in-between a new Star Wars trilogy from Disney.

source: express.co.uk