Cell Phone Accessories: The 5 Must-Have Items to protect, extend and personalize your smart phone


What are the most important accessories should I get for my smartphone?
While you can use your cellphone immediately out of the box, these 5 accessories will help you protect, personalize and extend its functionality. Thus, helping you get the most out of your smart device.
1) Screen protector
• To protect your shiny but vulnerable smartphone screen against scratches, smudges and dust; get a durable quality matte screen protector.
2) Protective case
• If you are always on the move, you should get a stylish case that would personalize your smartphone while keeping it safe against drops and scratches.
3) Headset
• Do you sometimes wish you could answer your phone hands-free while doing something else? A nice Bluetooth headset would be a great companion.
4) Memory card
• What would you do when your smartphone internal memory runs out but you still need to save a picture or a file and you don’t want to delete anything? A quality memory card will come in handy.
5) Portable cellphone charger
• If you are always on-the-go; you may occasionally find yourself with a flat battery at moment you need it the most. To avoid such awkward situations, get a quality portable cellphone charger. You don’t need a wall socket or a car power outlet. Just plug and play, anywhere, anytime.
With these 5 cellphone accessories, you can give your smartphone longevity, more capabilities and a personal look that reflects your style.
Since power is more important, start by getting a reliable emergency portable power source for your cellphone.
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