Emmanuel Macron on brink: Support for French President plummets to 26 percent

A YouGov poll has revealed the young French President’s ratings have plummeted even further to a quarter of those who took part in the research collected from July 1-2. The news was shared on social media by Europe Elects, which analysis data across all EU member states. The poll saw 1,045 French citizens surveyed.

Twitter users flocked to Mr Macron’s social media page to further condemn him, with one calling him a “pseudo-president puppet”.

One said: “This pseudo-president discovers with a head of astonishment, the lack of seriousness of the EU, according to his remarks, what a puppet, always with a posture imbued with his person, despising. Pathetic.”

Another, referencing his age at 41, added: “Better go and play with your toys.”

Another added: “Your Resignation would be the smartest thing you can do.”

The result comes as official approval ratings for Mr Macron slipped to just 23 percent in December after the breakout of the Yellow Vest protests.

Protests appeared to have waned in the summer heat after starting mid-November following Mr macron’s decision to hike the price of fuel to 23 percent.

Violent protests that saw guns snatched from police, ten people killed among the mayhem and the once-beautiful monuments of Paris – such as the Arc de Triomphe – scrawled over with graffiti.

He appeared on a TV broadcast calling himself “arrogant” while offering benefits to the elderly and better pay for citizens.

He was also faced with fury when he began his presidency in May 2017 when one of his first acts as leader of France was to controversially reform France’s rail network SNCF.

This saw employees lose generous job and pension guarantees.

Furious union condemned the act as a step towards further rail privatisation.

His government wrote off £31billion (€35billion) of the rail network’s debt. The unions began three months of rolling strikes that brought France to a standstill.

source: express.co.uk