Weight loss and diet guru reveals the ONE food she cut out to kick start transformation

Weight loss is a struggle for many. Knowing what to eat and how to work out can be confusing.

Diet plans come in all shapes and sizes and leave many unsure how to proceed.

One online fitness guru has revealed some tips and tricks to get in good shape.

Katie Dunlop has the Instagram platform ‘Lovesweatfitness’ and boasts 356k followers.

She has posted pictures of her body before her fitness journey, a far cry from the rippling abs she enjoys now.

She told her followers that her body is down to “balance”.

She wrote: “I always talk about ‘finding balance’ but figuring out what that actually means and how to make it happen in your day to day is tough.

“When I was first starting my fitness journey I literally had no clue what I was doing.

“I was so used to crazy diets that made me cut everything out (no carbs, no sugars, no alcohol, no gluten, no dairy etc.) that the idea of getting results without doing that seemed insane.

“But those diets also never lasted and left me feeling horrible so…. I really worked on shifting my focus from reaching a certain size and looking a certain way to learning to nourish and move my body so I could FEEL good.”

She revealed she began by cutting out one meal that always made her feel sluggish, a favourite, mac and cheese.

“I knew I loved mac & cheese, but always felt terrible after I ate it so started eating it less and eventually just stopped,” she said.

So what does the fitness fanatic eat?

Her Instagram stories boasts a number of healthy meals, including chicken salads, or chicken, brown rice and sweet potato noddles.

For breakfast she enjoys avocado toast while a typical snack might be a banana and oats or apple and almond butter.

Another woman revealed the weight loss diet that helped her lost two stone. 

Taking to the social media site, the 31-year-old woman – who goes by the online name “cocktails handy” – shared a before and after photo.

Revealing she’d slimmed down from 14st 2lbs to a much healthier 12st 2lbs, the woman wrote: “I am (almost) half way to my weight loss goal and am feeling great!”

What other weight loss tricks can you use to burn fat? 

source: express.co.uk