A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman hits back at claims weight loss has ‘aged’ her

Jasmine Harman marked her tenth wedding anniversary last week with husband Jon Boast, which was the inspiration behind her weight loss. The A Place In The Sun presenter wanted to fit back into her white gown she wore when she tied the knot, a feat she accomplished after shedding two stone. However, the 43-year-old has now revealed that she has been criticised for her new streamlined look by “a few people”. She revealed how they claimed she now looks older, after dropping a dress size in six months.

“A few people have said I’ve lost too much weight and have aged,” Jasmine told Closer Magazine.

The mother-of-two continued: “Some have even said I look anorexic, which I thought was ridiculous and quite offensive.

“Others say I’ve lost my curves, but I’ve still got my boobs, belly and my bum. I know my body well and I’d know if I was taking it too far.”

The Channel 4 favourite weighs just over 10 stone after ditching junk good, reducing portion sizes and doing six exercise classes a week.

She even eats her dinner out of a cereal bowl, saying it makes her feel “fuller”.

Explaining her decision to cut back, Jasmine stated: “I was having to wear skin-tight shapewear underneath my dresses while filming in the hot sun, which was so uncomfortable.

“I’m quite tall at 5ft 9in and I felt like a giantess compared to my other co-presenters, like Laura Hamilton.”

She added: “I’ve always had a big appetite – when we’d go for dinner, I knew I could eat double the portions they could.”

Jasmine wed her cameraman spouse back in 2009 after meeting on the set of the daily property programme.

They have two children: five-year-old daughter Joy and three-year old son Albion.

Meanwhile, it comes just days after Jasmine stated that she was “still friends” with a producer on A Place In The Sun, who previously suggested she looked pregnant on screen.

She said she was able to forgive and forget after they made a comment about her weight soon after she started the role.

Her colleague sent an email around with pictures of her, implying she looked pregnant when she wasn’t.

Fortunately, she refused to take the jibe to heart as she went out for pizza that evening and opted to ignore any negative comments.

Her A Place In The Sun colleague Laura Hamilton also revealed her complaint to the director yesterday, saying “I’ll smell of fish”.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

source: express.co.uk