Readers write: Bernie Sanders feature, new design, a veteran’s preference, ‘Home Forum’ appreciation

Bernie Sanders feature

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the June 3 Weekly cover story, “Roots of Bernie’s revolution,” by Christa Case Bryant. It was so well written and informative. 

I like the way Bernie Sanders voices his views, but the feature article gave him a persona I did not know: taking time en route to an event to cross frozen water and chat with ice fishermen, for example. 

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Almost everyone in the state of Vermont “has a Sanders story.” This article detailed his early years in office and showed his administrative, practical, and even tough side.

Ann Carter

New design

The new Monitor Weekly design is much easier to read than its predecessor. The “Points of Progress,” with its new white background, has been made much clearer. I appreciate that change! 

But I miss the large map on the “Points of Progress” page so much because I’m a retiree who needs to have my geography skills sharpened. I hope you bring this back once in a while.

I feel very close to your publication and value it so much.

Jayme Fantl

A veteran’s preference

The May 23 Daily article “What veterans want in a commander in chief” is rich with thoughtful insights. As one who served for 20 years (1959-1979), well before the 9/11-era veterans interviewed in the article, I would like to add my must-have qualities for a commander in chief. The article mentioned humility, integrity, and compassion. I absolutely agree.

I also submit these as requisite qualities: honor, intelligence, bravery, charity, fidelity, loyalty, and patriotism. My view is that these qualities are gained or proved in countless professions and forms of service to others – not just in military service.

David K. McClurkin
Beachwood, Ohio

‘Home Forum’ appreciation

Thanks to Murr Brewster for the hysterical essay “In which I discover that coleslaw is not so simple” in the May 27 Monitor Weekly. Considering adding ice cream was the cream on the cake (or the coleslaw). I am having such a giggle. 

Shirley Sacks
Beverly Hills, California

“I was 3 for 10” from the April 22 & 29 issue was a fine and fun essay. Chuck Wilcoxen gets a rave review. He should write more!

Donna Hunsberger
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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