Men in Black International end credits scene: Is it worth sticking around or not?

The Men in Black movie is a reboot of the franchise, but also what’s called a side-quel. Men in Black: International takes place in the same universe as the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones movies and is set after them, but focused on two different agents played by Hemsworth and Thompson. No doubt Sony are hoping the film will be successful enough to warrant sequels. But is there an end credits scene to tease what could come next?

Sadly, Men in Black: International has no end credits scene.

But if Men in Black 5 does go ahead, just what will it look like?

Well, perhaps the franchise could take a leaf out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s book and introduce a character from previous movies?

After all, Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm cameoed in that film and fans are hoping for Sam Neill and Laura Dern in the third film.


In the London branch of the Men in Black, there are a couple of paintings of agents saving the world.

One is of H and High T in Paris from the beginning of the movie and the other shows J and K fighting Edgar the Bug in the first Men in Black movie.

It’s not exactly a full-bodied cameo from Smith and Jones, but at least its a decent Easter Egg.

Men in Black: International is out now.