Three Ways to Add a Wrist Strap to Phone Case

There are many reasons to add a wrist strap to your phone case—to avoid dropping it, have two hands free, avoid getting it stolen out of your hand, and most importantly, because it’s sooo trendy and soooo cool. Practically everyone’s doing it! 😛

I did a lot of research on this, so I wanted to share my findings. From the video, you can see the rubber sleeve on my Otterbox case made this project slightly more difficult. There’s also one more option I didn’t mention, in which there are products you can buy where the strap or handle adheres to your phone (like the “LoveHandle”

Here are the links to the items/websites mentioned in this video.

Zizo Bolt Case (Found it for cheaper on Amazon.)
BOLT Series

Ringke Fusion Case

Otterbox Defender Case

Olympus Adjustable Waterproof Wrist Strap (I cut off the blue tubing and it works great!)

Amy’s Random Tip #5: How to Add a Strap to a Smartphone or Cell Phone

How to install a wrist strap on a LifeProof Fre or LifeProof Nuud – iPhone Waterproof Case

If you’re drilling a hole, be sure to read the website below. He has important tips on how to do it, like making sure to drill slowly!

How To: Add a Lanyard or Wrist Strap to the iPhone Case