Best #BlackBerry_phones _2019

#BlackBerry is back in 2019, and it has some great phones on the market. Here are the best BlackBerry phones and where to buy them

By Henry Burrell | 02 Jan 2019
best blackberry phones

Once upon a time, a BlackBerry was the only smartphone to be seen with. Nowadays, Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices line the pockets of most in the western world.

Hardware keyboards, push email and that blinking red LED bring back doe-eyed memories of the mid-2000s, but these days you’d be hard pressed to find an old-style BlackBerry on sale anywhere, let alone in the hands of someone on the bus.

BlackBerry’s slow decline was largely down to the company’s inability to adapt to the launch of the iPhone in 2007, so consequently developers left the platform to build apps for the touchscreens of iOS and then Android.

While some of the older BlackBerrys on this list run BB10, the latest and last official BlackBerry operating system, many instead run Android – and it’s on Android that BlackBerry is having a mini renaissance.

So just be careful if you go for the Passport or Classic as you won’t find the wealth of apps you will on Android.


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