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Sub-Zero & Scorpion battle it out with a new master, how will this change the Mortal Kombat Franchise for the future and how is this latest iteration? Find out!
Sorry for Delay on this Review, there was a delay on the costumes & also we wanted to play/review post-patch to include that info.
Full Disclosure: I am currently designing a Licensed Mortal Kombat board game. However, my opinions are my own and I always strive to call it like I see it, its how I’m even in the position to work on both the show and the board game in the first place.
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  1. Most of the stuff I want is in the tower of time but they are on medium or hard difficulty, and I’m a bit of a guy that is too much of a puss puss to go through all that.

  2. I for all actually enjoy the grinding here. This is the only Mortal Kombat game we had to have a ton of ways to customize. Like this it keeps the game interesting in wanting to play more. On X. I had everything, but then that was it. Anyway, I'm okay with it. Yes it takes time, but I do want to play it for years, not months or weeks and leave it.

  3. Once again an extremely fair review. I love Towers of time. The only thing is I cant get over the hump ang get a 1 ranking. I also understand why its grindy because it's a fighter. But honestly if its mostly cosmetic I'll take it. But I do understand that its seriously annoying. But definitely a good game.

  4. I HAVE to know if the fight scene with scorpion and sub zero was a callback to the fight from Fresh Prince of Bel Air when they are on the game show. They are pretty similar!

  5. Funny how fighting games where always in arcades eating all your quarters just to play it. I wonder how long until you have a 25 cent transaction for just to play a match.

  6. This pisses me off because the micro transactions aren't even that prevalent because by leveling up you get ten crystals and it not even that hard to level up and the rest of the grind isn't even that hard also here's a pro tip if you want a gear peice go to the krypt and go to the golden shrine and insert 75k coins you're guaranteed from one to two peices of gear although it sounds like a lot it's extremely easy to get 75k gold next if you want a skin put 100k and you'll get a skin.
    So quit bitching and just start working harder as I and many others have done.

  7. Tbh this game is far away from 10/10
    This is how i´d rate it

    Kombat : 9/10
    Fluid controls and very balanced. Its just very fun to play online, regardless of how good or bad you perform

    Gameplay : 5/10
    Its not bad but you spend 200+ hours grinding for that 1 skin you might want out of 3000 in the krypt, and most likely only play 20 hours yourself out of those 200

    Graphics : 8/10
    It looks fantastic and very expressive but it falls short on some charakters like Kronika where the facial expressions look either ridicolous or out of place.

    Story : 2/10
    SPOILERS: the ending makes everything pointless, Kronika is the least threatening villain in the Mk Franchise and on top of that hasn´t even won a single fight and just about nothing really ads up to the finale, Sonya dies and its completely pointless because her death never really affects anything, Jax becomes a racist stereotype of Wakanda believe, Liu kang turns into Fire god Liu kang by getting his power´s merged with raiden which somehow makes Liu Kang stronger than a Elder God and a powered up Titan. The big plot twist sucks ass because it wasn´t foreshadowed at all and because it implies that no one Aside from Raiden and Liu kang matter.

    Music : 3/10
    It works, but nothing stands out as special or good, The soundtrack is very limited and forgetable, Just about the only Iconic theme is the Main theme of Mortal Kombat which really dosen´t come to use anywhere
    Overall Rating : 6/10
    The combat itself is fun and addicting and the graphics are good but just about anything else sucks, The grinding is absolutely insane, even after the patch, the story is filled with cliches and poorly thought out ideas, the music is so forgetable that its hard to recall a single song out of the soundtrack. Saying this game is flawless is absolutely stupid. Its fun to play but you will start hating it, the more time passes on

  8. SEVEN currencies including a preimum one? AND loot boxes and XP grinds?

    I'll stick with Killer Instinct, thanks. Bought one game, got everything that mattered. The rest just unlocks naturally.

  9. Literally spent zero dollars outside from the game itself. I have zero issues earning Time Krystals. This is why I dislike early reviews because they haven't explored the game in further depth.

  10. Women look like men and have the ugliest outfits I have ever seen in a video game ever. 5/10. The grind is boring af because of ugly outfits. No pit stages. Roster is meh. Its a woke and sjw game. Fatalities are weak af. Sheeva looks like a male nba player. The grind is way too much and for what? Ugly outfits. Its made for lgtbq community. They dont give a fuck about dissapointing 25 years of fans. Some challenges are retarded. Microtransactions. Im bored af of this game already. No klassic outfits…5/10

  11. Lol look at all you bitchy little kids you don't like how the game functions then simply don't play, it's not hard absolutley no one cares about you soy boys complaining all the time

  12. Awsome!!!!! Angry Joe Show got even better than ever!!! So much Content, so much information, very funny but still kind a truth parodys. Guys keep up the awsome work!!!


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