Kevin Durant: When Warriors star will announce free agency decision REVEALED

This summer’s free agency market has the potential to completely shift the narrative in the NBA and in the centre of it all will be what Durant decides to do.

If he leaves the Golden State Warriors – with multiple reports expecting him to do just that – the team which he joins could immediately be considered a title contender.

Leading the bookies as the favourites to sign the 30-year-old are the New York Knicks.

But the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers have also been touted as possible destinations, along with the Brooklyn Nets.

With a number of teams hoping to lure Durant this offseason, it could mean for a long wait on his decision.

However, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reports it won’t be long after July 1 until Durant reveals which team he will sign for.

“I’m told he’s going to take a vacation right when the season ends,” he said on the Stephen A. Smith show.

“He’s gon’ go away for a couple of weeks, he’s going to come back and make his decision immediately.

“It ain’t going to be a bunch of pomp and circumstance.

“He don’t roll like that, he ain’t trying to be one of those individuals that’s holding press conferences and having cameras everywhere saying ‘I’m taking my talents to wherever’.

“That’s not what he’s going to do but I can tell you something right now, Kevin Durant – it’s his free agency.

“Just like it was LeBron’s free agency in the past, it’s Kevin Durant’s free agency now.

“It ain’t even Kawhi and we all know Kawhi’s big time, but we’re going to find out where he’s going because he’s just going to show up.

“He’s not going to tell us a damn thing. That ain’t Kawhi.

“Kawhi just want to play… and go home. That’s who he is.

“If we understand that, then it’s important for us to recognise this is KD’s summer. It belongs to him.”