Dan Walker Twitter: BBC Breakfast host hits back over ‘disrespectful’ Watford comment

Dan Walker, 42, defended his comments about the FA Cup final on the social media platform when a fan suggested the BBC Breakfast star appeared to “assume” Manchester City would win the trophy over rivals Watford. The viewer criticised the presenter for being “disrespectful” towards The Hornets, who were two goals down at half-time, in his commentary during the break. The Twitter user addressed Dan as he wrote: “So @mrdanwalker’s half time chat assumes Man City will win the domestic treble – may be the case but so disrespectful to #watford and the second half to come #MCIWAT.” After spotting the viewer’s indignation, Dan was quick to clarify his half-time assessment in view of his 563,000 followers.

The Football Focus host adamantly replied: “No assumption Pete. 

“Just saying it would be quite an achievement if they do it. Enjoy the second half.”

Man City went on to win the FA Cup title with a 6-0 victory over Watford and made history by securing the domestic Treble.

In response, Dan’s fans took to the comments section of his tweet to share messages of support about his football expertise.

One quipped: “And at 3-0 I’d say game over. Well done @ManCity.”

A second reassured the star: “I was complaining you were bias to Watford just goes to show @mrdanwalker you can’t please everyone and I still love you.

A third added in response to Dan’s critic: “I’m pretty sure he said ‘It looks like’ they will. Hardly a controversial comment with them 2-0 up and looking in control…”

Following Man City’s triumphant display, a fourth football fan joked: “This aged well…”

Elsewhere, Dan issued a cutting response to another Twitter user who took issue with another one of his comments.

The conversation ensued between the two when one of the journalist’s followers asked if they could re-visit one of his segments about mental health issues from BBC Breakfast.

In response, Dan helpfully guided the viewer towards BBC iPlayer where the episode could be watched on catch-up.

Unfortunately, another follower responded to the exchange by questioning Dan’s advice, writing: “Dan, no one watches catch up tv.”

Hitting back at the comment, Dan insisted the individual was “mistaken” in his views.

The BBC favourite tweeted: “I think you might be mistaken.

“As an example there were nearly 11 million iPlayer requests for episode 1 of Bodyguard.

“There are thousands of people who catch up on BBC Breakfast every day.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6.00am.

source: express.co.uk