Sunday Brunch: ‘Switching off’ Tim Lovejoy leaves fans FUMING with bizarre trick

Sunday Brunch welcomed Arthur Darvill on to the Channel 4 show today and he revealed a rather unusual talent.

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer uncovered the former Doctor Who actor’s impressive skills as a balloon modeller.

Arthur showed off his talent by forming an adorable tortoise for Tim and Simon. 

And naturally, Tim wanted to have a go himself and set about making a cute dog, in light of the show’s call for viewers to send in pictures of happy puppies. 

However, as anyone who has worked with balloons knows all too well, shaping them is an awfully noisy affair.

Tim quickly realised how irritating the noise was and while Simon tried to prepare his asparagus loaf, he decided to play a prank.

Every time Simon gave an update on the recipe, Tim would rub his hands on the latex meaning it would squeak. 

Simon laughed: “It’s not even 10 o’clock and I’m giving up.”

Thankfully, Tim finished his balloon dog and the show’s guests quickly got down to chomping on the loaf.

But the squeaking noise didn’t go down well with viewers who were pretty angry with the sound so early in the morning. 

One Sunday Brunch viewer tweeted: “Seriously #SundayBrunch I can put up with a lot of your crap TV but that balloon noise is making me freak out. Control your presenters!”

Another added: “That balloon noise just made me switch off…#SundayBrunch.”

A third shared: “That balloon noise is making my teeth itch.”

“I wish they’d p**s off with them balloons,” said another.

A fifth commented: “Arghhhhh stop that f***ing squeaky balloon noise!!!!!”

Last week, a power cut plunged the Sunday Brunch studio into darkness.

Thankfully the situation didn’t last too long and Tim continued to present the show.

Charlotte Richie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe were guests on Sunday Brunch and giggled about how they star in a series called Ghosts.

Tim joked: “Apparently we’re going to go to an advert break to see if someone’s got 50p for the meter.”

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays on Channel 4 at 9.30am.