Katya Jones, who has been a regular fixture on Strictly Come Dancing since 2016, has opened up about her “perfect evening” as well as the one thing she’d change about herself. The professional dancer failed to mention her husband Neil Jones when speaking about how she likes to spend her time. She instead spoke of her girlfriends and “having lots of giggles”, six years after walking down the aisle with her fellow pro, 36. However, the 29-year-old did speak candidly about her spouse and quipped about him being unable to agree that she has calmed down her “control freak” ways.

Last night Katya shared her latest interview with her 135,000 Instagram followers, as the couple prepare to go on tour together.

She commented: “My perfect evening is… cooking dinner with my girlfriends, having a couple of drinks.

“Playing Cards Against Humanity or watching a comedy or putting on facemasks and having lots of giggles.”

Despite her failing to mention Neil, she soon went on to discuss their life together and upcoming show.

She continued: “The most expensive thing I’ve splashed out on is… our upcoming show Somnium: A Dancer’s Dream that’s coming to Sadler’s Wells Theatre in June.

“Neil and I decided to produce it ourselves. We’ve put everything into it.”

Revealing her favourite place in Britain is Blackpool, Katya stated: “I have a lot of memories connected to the town. It was my dream to dance in Blackpool and then I met Neil there and won multiples championships in the Winter Gardens.

“Strictly visits Blackpool too. I feel I know it so well and actually it’s got its own charm.”

She went on to talk about “being a control freak”, saying she wishes she could change that about herself.

“I’ve been working on it and I’m much better at not getting involved in everything or having an opinion on how things should be done,” Katya added.

“My husband might not agree with that.”

Sharing the interview, Katya captioned the upload: “Loved this little interview answering quirky questions in support of @parkinsons.uk campaign.

“Have a little read, and why don’t you answer this one for me – THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED…? My fave photo by @iambrfr #interview #somnium #dance #dancer.”

Meanwhile, it comes after Katya Jones admitted she wanted to be “truthful” with Neil after news of her kiss with Seann Walsh emerged.

They were caught up in controversy during Strictly last year following pictures emerging of her smooching her celebrity partner.

“When It came out I thought, I’ve got to tell Neil. My first thought was that I wanted to be as truthful as possible with him,” she told the Daily Mail.

source: express.co.uk


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