Special season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series of Special?

Netflix only dropped Special on April 12, its new short-form comedy series. Special is based on Ryan O’Connell’s 2015 memoir of the same name titled I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves. The show stars O’Connell as a fictional version of himself as a man who happens to be gay and has mild cerebral palsy. However, O’Connell refuses to let anything hold him back as he forges a career as a writer.

Will there be another series of Special on Netflix?

Special is yet to be confirmed for a second series by Netflix and it’s too early to say at this stage because the show dropped so recently.

Express.co.uk has approached Netflix for comment on whether or not it has recommissioned Special for series two.

If Netflix does give Special the green light, the series could be out next year or even earlier.

Special consists of eight instalments, each running to 15 minutes and harking back to the early era of web shows.


Who will be in the cast of Special on Netflix?

O’Connell is more than likely to be back for a season two given he’s both the lead star and the creator.

Joining him more than likely will be Punam Patel as his best friend Kim and Jessica Hecht as his mother Karen.

Samantha Lee is also probably going to be back as the over-the-top editor who runs the think blog Eggwoke, where O’Connell’s Ryan works.

Special was executive produced by Jim Parsons, better known as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. If Special does make a comeback, perhaps Parsons could make an onscreen appearance.


What will happen in Special season 2?

We can expect more comedy-drama if the second series gets the green light with Ryan continuing to figure out the world and pursuing his career.

The show could continue to chart Ryan’s career with the real-life O’Connell going on to write for MTV series Awkward.

He also worked on Will & Grace and Daytime Divas, according to IMDb.

Alternatively, O’Connell may wish to take his character down a fictional route and could diverge from his own life entirely.

O’Connell said it was “a shock” when Special got commissioned in the first place given its unique story. He told NBC News: “It feels very surreal, because I didn’t think that any of this could be possible.


“I’ve been working in Hollywood for six years now, and I know that even the best ideas, even the best shows, with the best talent attached, the odds of one actually getting shot and made and released is very medium rare.”

He went on to say about the series, which was a milestone for him: “I felt like I had achieved this amazing life hack, and for a few years, I felt like it just gave me the confidence to go after the things I want.

“It did give me an extra boost, but that faded after a couple years, because it was just creating a lot of emotional problems for me ’cause I was lying about who I was — to myself and to other people.”

He added: “I was trying to cut out this big part of myself, but that doesn’t work, it never works.”

Special is available to watch on Netflix now

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