Dr Clayton Skaggs is with Rory McIlroy at the 2019 Masters but who is he?

Dr Clayton Skaggs is a name even the most ardent of golf fans will not have recognised until last month.

Yet now the performance coach is a regular next to Rory McIlroy at golf tournaments, including the Masters at Augusta.

So who is he and what do we know about him?

His role

Skaggs is the founder of the Central Institute for Human Performance in Jupiter, Florida.

He is a licensed chiropractor who has studied performance for decades now, with yearly trips to Prague to learn from his physical therapy mentors.

His company, CIHP, aim to teach individuals about health, pain and performance and McIlroy is one of their high-profile clients.

His background

Skaggs is largely known for his expertise in treating back pain.

But he’s made huge strides as a performance coach since creating the institute that is visited by people from all over the world.

In 2016, CIHP opened a facility on Military Trial in Jupiter, Florida, and is located close to McIlroy’s home which goes some way to explaining the close links.

Where has he been seen?

When McIlroy won the recent Players Championship, Skaggs was present during the practice rounds.

He’s also in Georgia this week with the Irishman and has been pictured on the driving range and putting ground assisting the World No.3.

What has McIlroy said about him?

The pre-tournament favourite referenced Skaggs when talking of the three ‘P’s’ he’s working on- perspective, persistence and poise.

And earlier this week he spoke about how the use of meditation, ball juggling, and a different way of thinking has helped.

He meditated before the final round of the Players Championship and said: “I guess I’ve dabbled in it over the years and I’ve needed it from time to time, but I never fully immersed myself in it.

“Again it’s searching until you find what resonates with you and maybe what resonates with me isn’t going to resonate with someone else.

“But I’ve found what I feel is the best path forward for me and I’m committed to it.

“My routine now consists of meditation, juggling, mind-training, you know doing all the stuff to get yourself in the right place.

“I would dearly love to win this tournament one day. If it doesn’t happen this week, that’s totally fine. I’ll come back next year and have another crack at it.”

source: express.co.uk