Galaxy S10 ALERT – Why owning this Samsung flagship could cost you more than you think

The Galaxy S10 is now finally on sale with it offering a bunch of new features you won’t find on any other Samsung phone.

For your money you’ll find a bigger and better display, larger battery and faster processor tucked under the glass and metal body.

There’s also a fully upgraded triple lens rear camera which offers a much better zoom and you can now unlock the phone by simply placing your thumb on the screen.

Another new feature comes in the form of reverse wireless charging which Samsung calls PowerShare.

This allows other phones and accessories to get a battery boost by simply being placed on top of the S10.

These are all big upgrades but there is one giant catch and it’s not just the higher prices you’ll now pay for these phones.

According to a new report from the team at iFixit, the S10 could be hugely expensive to fix.

In fact, the repair firm has awarded the S10 a score of three out 10 when it comes to having parts replaced.

That’s worse than the S9, Galaxy S8 and Note 9 which all scored 4 out of 10.

To show how technical it is to repair the S10, a video has been posted by iFixit which shows the painstaking task of getting inside the device.

In the report the team at iFixit said:

• The battery remains mightily glued down and problematic to replace.

• Shattered screen, among the most common of all repairs, requires a near-total teardown to fix.

• All repairs entail heating and slicing through stubborn layers of glue – which much then be replaced.

All of this could mean prices for fixing the S10 could be a lot more than older devices.

If you are buying an S10, S10e or S10+ then it’s worth remembering that Samsung does offer a protection plan which protects the device for two years.

This covers accidental damage and cost £139 upfront and then £69 per claim.

That’s pretty expensive but might be worth considering if you are prone to dropping your smartphone.