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  1. From 2011 to now. What a ride it has been guys, still pretty sad how the last two season is only 8 episodes. There's not going to be any show coming close to this :'(

  2. Noone noticed that Bronn is going to die.Jaimie shouted his name in the trailer when Bronn(that black shadow during the fire) was pressing forward on those white walkers. So bad he couldnt get his castle.

  3. If anyone reads that, it will honestly make my day and make me happy. I'm a Paris beatmaker and I know most people write this kind of comment all the time, but I think I'll be the one you'll be glad to have listened to. If a person could put a blue thumb, you could help me go one step further to make my dream come true! You will not be disappointed. Give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you so much !!!!!

  4. Sansa will rule what's left of living Westeros. Years after the Battle for the Dawn, she will recieve a raven reporting the Iron Islands and the Westerlands are occupied by foreign men. These invaders came with their ships and wield swords that can breathe fire.

    No army, not even dragons and the dead will be able to defeat this new enemy.

    Swords vs. Muskets
    Dragons vs Artillery

    The Gunpowder and Colonial Age has arrived and Westeros will bleed again.


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