LeBron James and Brandon Ingram could HURT Lakers' long-term future for ONE big reason

That is according to NBA insider Kevin O’Connor.

Things are looking bleak for the Lakers after a humiliating loss to the LA Clippers on Monday night.

The 113-103 loss all but doomed the Lakers to the realisation that they will not make the playoffs this year.

After suffering the defeat at the Staples Center, the Lakers fell to 5.5 games behind the San Antonio Spurs in the chase for the playoffs.

O’Connor believes that, with 18 regular-season games to play, the Lakers are better off tanking in order to improve their chances of getting a higher draft pick.

He believes that Los Angeles should use the high draft pick in a potential trade for Anthony Davis.

But he also acknowledged that with James and Ingram playing so well recently, it will be tough to talk the team into playing softer.

“In this year’s draft, Zion [Williamson] is clearly number one,” O’Connor explained.

“But after him, it pretty much plateaus.

“From six to 20, six to 30, six to 15, there’s not a huge difference in talent.

“So for the Lakers to get another asset to give them a better chance of getting Anthony Davis in a trade, maybe it comes from the lottery.

“Right now, they’ve got the 13th best lottery odds, there’s only 4.8 per-cent, but if they lose just a few more games then it could go to 20 per-cent.

“For the Lakers there is so much more to gain by tanking.

“It’s hard to do, because you’ve got LeBron James, and Brandon Ingram is playing well, Kyle Kuzma is playing well.

“But man, for the Lakers long-term, it really may be in their best interests to lose out all the way.”

source: express.co.uk