ALIEN evidence: 'UFO' seen leaving extraterrestrial base in the Alps – shock claim

Holiday makers to the Swiss Alps developed their photos when they returned home to find something peculiar in one of them. What seems like a normal picture of the mountain range actually shows what some are claiming is “evidence” of aliens living on Earth. The photograph was sent into an alien investigation organisation, with the eye witness saying of the image which was taken in 2017 but has only had the film developed now: “Treating our old pictures we discovered this strange object, on the pictures before or after we did see nothing similar.”

Such is the supposed clarity of the image that one alien enthusiast believes he has been able to decipher the technology of the UFO.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily: “The UFO is tilted, but for the aliens inside, there is no tilting.

“The craft would have artificial gravity that keeps the pilots and occupants totally comfortable.

“The UFO would only be tilted if it was entering or exiting a mountain alien base.

“From the forensic evidence, the photo close up, you can see that the top of the craft is in focus, but the bottom is fuzzy and out of focus.

“That means the focused part is the front, the other is the back, meaning it was leaving the mountain base at the time of the photo.

“This is a very rare moment not often seen, let alone photographed.

“Amazing evidence that an alien base exists below the mountains of Lesyn.”

This is not the first supposed alien base which has been discovered.

Alien hunters also believe Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano is home to extraterrestrials.

Mr Waring said after an apparent UFO sighting last year: “Even the locals have reported seeing UFOs and even alien creatures on the volcano, so this video is not a surprise, but is excellent evidence that an alien base does exit there.”