Star Wars 9 leaks: Huge Kylo Ren 'secret TWIST' will blow your mind

Recent leaks showed a massive array of costumes and concepts for Episode IX, including a certain restored broken helmet. Fans have always been particularly focussed on the clues and meanings in the costumes and uniforms, as they show the evolution of characters and also how they fit into the larger storylines. Kylo Ren has been seen imitating the grandfather he idolises with his cloaks and helmets, so it was a shock when he smashed his iconic headpiece after being rebuked and ridiculed by his master, Snoke, in The Last Jedi. Numerous reports have described Kylo’s Episode 9 helmet, and that his old one will be restored, but an extraordinary “secret twist” could stun audiences.

Star Wars created a huge moment when the man behind the mask was revealed in the Original Trilogy but there was never any doubt who was inside that terrifying costume. Nobody else had the imposing physical stature or horrifying Sith powers of Darth Vader or would dare impersonate him.

Fans have already seen Kylo without his mask, but what if someone else wears the restored black mask in Episode 9? Especially if they also have Force powers, perhaps one of the Knights of Ren?

Star Wars site Inverse posted the theory: “Now, in leaked photos, it looks like Kylo’s helmet is back for Episode IX, but what if there’s a twist here? What if the helmet is back, but Kylo Ren isn’t wearing it?”

“What if one of the other Knights of Ren glues the helmet back together and takes Kylo’s place as the master of the Knights of Ren?”

Who would do such a thing and why?

Numerous reports have already hinted just how expansive JJ Abrams movie will be, taking in more planets and characters than ever before, as well as going into Unknown Space.

The theory adds; “Matt Smith in his secret role is a good candidate for a hypothetical faux-Kylo Ren, but it could literally be anyone under that mask. Even Rey in disguise!”

Smith is rumoured to be playing an important villain.

Furthermore, Kylo’s arch-rival General Hux is rumoured to be stirring up trouble in an attempt to bring down the new First Order Supreme Leader. Faking Kylo Ren doing something shocking could be the perfect way to bring him down.

Of course, the imminent trailer might show the man in the mask or even Smith’s new character, and put all the rumours to rest…