EastEnders actress Sophia Capasso said despite negativity, she tries to ignore it and pays attention to positive comments instead. She told The Metro: “It’s been a big old mixture. “It’s a fair to say that online, Evie gets a lot of hate and there’s been a little bit of hate for Sophia. I try to steer away from that and ignore it a bit. “The people who have come up to me on the whole have been very nice and are able to distinguish between myself and Evie. I think we are two very different people.”

The actress went on to say she also has received some “dodgy looks” from people after joining the soap last year.

She told Inside Soap: “I’m pretty sure they hate me!

“I’ve had some dodgy looks, but I do try to assure people that Evie is just a character!”

She added that if people don’t like or are scared of her character, she is doing the job right.

Sophia’s character Evie arrived on Albert Square last year where she began manipulating Tiffany Butcher (played by Maisie Smith).

Her evil ways have seen her get the teenager involved in gangs and drug trafficking.

Recent scenes saw Evie torture a drug addict who owed her money infront of Tiffany, leaving viewers worried for the latter’s future.

But, official soap spoilers have revealed Tiffany will finally stand up to the ringleader in scenes set to air.

Alongside Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris), Tiffany goes to see Evie, but she is shunned by the gang.

Bernadette gets mocked by the gang and finds herself at the firing end of Evie’s hurtful comments.

Frustrated by the situation, Tiffany finally stands up to Evie.

Will this make Bernadette Evie’s next victim?

Following the confrontation, Tiffany and Bernadette have a heart-to-heart in which Tiffany encourages her to meet a girl she has been speaking to online.

Elsewhere, Tiffany is also set to learn a worrying secret about Evie next week after she discovered her with a man, according to the Digital Spy.

Will Tiffany find herself in more danger?

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 7:30pm.

source: express.co.uk


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