WATCH: Michael and Sara's Girl Scouts-inspired rap

Transcript for Michael and Sara’s Girl Scouts-inspired rap

On Tuesday, we shared the viral video of an adorable girl scout who remixed cardi B’s song, “Money,” to get people to help buy her troop’s cookies. And we want you to take a look. Check it out. ??? Please open up wn I knock on your door woo thin mints are the best do si dose are the best ??? ??? Savannah smiles tagalongs ??? Wow. Today she’s here. Give a warm welcome to Kiki Paschall. Come on, Kiki. Come on, Kiki. Love that so much. How you doing, young lady? Hi. Hello. , Have a seat right here. Sit with me. I gotta say, that was awesome. That was epic. That was what we call a drop the Mike moment. You can drop this later, if you like. What made you want to make that video? Well, I wanted to sell the cookies faster than we usually do. So we decided to make a video for it. You’re a little businesswoman. I love it. You were trying to sell 500. Were you able to sell 500? Yes, I sold way more than 500. And by way more, almost 2,000 boxes of cookies. Now — But, you know, not only did you sell out the cookies. But cardi B twted you. How cool is that? It’s really cool. So you know what? We told cardi. We got two boxes of cookies right here waiting for you. Come on and get them. Show up. All you have to do is show up and pick them up. The reason you sell cookies is to hone in entrepreneurial skills. Do you have any advice for us? Be yourself. Show lots of personality. Well you nailed that. Great advice. So what’s next for you? How do you follow this up? I’m going to start selling headbands, shirts, and my own cookies. Wow. She’s on top of it. And I would like to point out, your aunt made these earrings. If you can see these. They say black girl magic. They are the cutest things ever. So she might be opening an etsy store of her own soon. We have your mom here, too. Shanya. You’re her troop leader, as well. Yes, yes. In addition to being a proud mother, I’m sure. What are you doing with the money you raised? We’re hoping to do two community services within our local area. We’re going to be serving the homeless at the San Fernando rescue mission. If we earn enough money and we get our link turned back on so Kiki can sell more cookies, we’ll be doing a trip to Washington, D.C., to go to the African-American museum. That’s great. Well, you know what — Kiki. Your rap skills got us thinking about. You got everybody to buy cookies. We thought maybe we could take your rap to get people to watch our show. You think that will work? Here we go, Sara. Okay. Let’s do it. Hit it. ?????? ??? new set new era here with my crew and I’m hanging with Sara lunch hour games planned it can save a chair or you dare or stand ??? ??? drop everything cause you’re hanging with us no drama real name Sara you can call me mama ??? ??? that’s right when I say Strahan you say Sara va Han Sara Strahan Sara ??? ??? I say Strahan you say Sara Sara Sara word to your mama, that’s right ??? there we go. Kiki, you are the best. Thank you so much. I gotta say, we were — we were so inspired by that that I decided to buy cookies from the local girl scout troop. And so we wanted to make it really special for everybody here. Cardi B has her two boxes. Everybody here gets cookies. So bring out the cookies,

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